Forex brokers are firms that connect retail forex traders to the forex market, who are constantly posting bids and asking for the value of a currency pair that may differ from the most competitive bid in the market.

To become respected, forex brokers need to ensure that they create and maintain an outstanding reputation and operate to high ethical standards.

Since brokers focus on reputation and services, they also try their best not to interfere in any collision with the clients and to provide the best services all the time.

One of the known subjects in online trading is credit. The credit is given to the trader for many reasons such as maintaining positions, taking advantage of a market trend, or maybe initiating the very first position. However, the trader is required to settle the credit based on an agreement and approval of both parties when setting up the account. There could be a collision where a client is liquidated, or maybe delay the payment of his dues.

Credit is a fast way to secure accounts, however could be a risk to brokers especially when clients are on the go while the market is choppy. Many brokers have experienced several issues with their superior liquidity providers because of lack of cash which could be because of credit to retail clients/traders on different scales.

For that, brokers enable online payments through CRMs, websites, or portals to force clients to log in and deposit. However, this is still a long job to do when the market is critical. Thus, VertexFX took advantage of the situation and came up with a solution. Yes, you’re right, a deposit right from your logged-in account mobile terminal.

With this feature, not only traders can deposit quicker than before but also allow the ability to measure the current floating positions and the requirement of a new deposit if needed.

Easy as ABC, the deposit from traders’ mobile application accounts. A couple of taps on the menu, fill in the credit card/ debit card details and that’s it, once the transaction is done, the trader’s account is ready for a new chapter of trading. All of this can be done anywhere and at any time.

VertexFX is now compatible with online deposits with Network International ( For over 25 years, Network International has delivered innovative solutions that drive revenue and profitability for our customers. This philosophy has seen us grow to be the largest acquirer in the UAE and the leading enabler of digital commerce in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Via Network International

With over 33+ billion USD processed volume in 2020 via more than 80,000 merchants, (as per network website), They provide a robust suite of payment products and services that are on the cutting edge of technology development.

So, what is now required to have this payment option enabled for a brokerage house?

You may visit their website, sign up for an online payment gateway, select currencies, go live, send the Hybrid Solutions team the login credentials and leave the rest on the Hybrid Solutions team to set up the rest for you.