Best auto trading platforms enclose sets of rules and guidelines that are designed precisely to carry out and clear up trades in the foreign exchange market using a method known as electronic trading automation. Best auto trading platforms are used by forex traders to spot and trade on a position online. Best auto trading platforms are entirely self-contained and function alone without help.

A very good example is the VertexFX which is an auto forex trading platform produced by a forex trading Software Company known as hybrid solutions. VertexFX emerged to be the best auto trading platform in 2015, it can comfortably carry out forex trades online using great forex trading technologies.

VertexFX is an excellent forex trading tools that every forex trader should use. Its main goal is to help its user (the forex trader) to automatically trade without their physical intervention. VertexFX activates and carries out trades without any demand on the forex trader to sit at his computer screen or do any manual operations with one of its great feature Server Side Scripting. It is functional and efficient in finding entry and exit points for various trades including calculating the perfect position and initiating transactions in accordance with the set rules in a pre-arranged trading system.


They have the benefit of eliminating human restrains on the time needed in other to perform other actives because it works without stops for eating, sleeping and going to work. By so doing, it frees up time and space for forex traders to have fun and spend time with their loved ones.

The auto trading platform has a back-testing feature which is essentially beneficial to forex traders in keeping a trace of their trading ideas.

This eliminates the tedious strategies of keeping notes in big books in other to fall back to great trading strategies that developed into successful trades.

Back testing also helps a forex trader to check the quality of the platform by going to its historical data.

Auto trading platforms have the capability to scan a large number of trading charts in such a way that forex traders in a manual trading platform cant. They have the ability to make good trading decisions that bring about a winning smile of the faces of forex traders.

With the use of entrenched trading signals, they denote when it is right to trade and when it is not.

Even the mist of an unstable, changing and fluctuating market condition, they still find the possibility of identifying possible trades when trending states are unclear. It monitors and shadows the best trends in other to increase profits and destroy the possibilities of encountering losses.

In conclusion, every forex trader should make sure that their forex robots have all the qualities, functionalities and features mentioned above before fully trusting the system to make close to infallible trades.

This means that extreme caution should be taken.