There are all sorts of backups that save you of various situations. Think of the spare tire in your car which helps you in continuing the trip! There are various reasons for having backups. In driving, a spare tire can save your trip but with data, a backup can save your business.

A simple question you need to ask yourself to determine whether your business needs a backup and disaster recovery plan: “Can my business continue to function without my critical data, applications, and operations?”

“No”, is the only answer which indicates that you need a disaster recovery plan. So with that being said, let’s see the main 4 reasons of why backup is a must

1.Hardware Fail

While we’ve made huge strides in the reliance on our technology, and despite the fact that technology has become superior, it’s still not perfect and is bound to have issues. While it can be expensive for your company to eliminate any single point of failure in your IT infrastructure, it is really the only way you can be sure that a hardware failure will not interrupt your service or cause data loss.

2. Humans Mistakes

We know that it is hard to prevent or correct mistakes, ensuring that your data is backed up on regular basis lets you restore it to an error-free stage. People are not perfect – as much as we wish we were – and can accidentally delete data or enter the wrong data and settings. Making sure you have efficient processes in place and good quality assurance programs are your best bet, but having an online backup solution is important equally.

3. Mother Nature Disasters

You’ve been a witness to what can happen when the rage of Mother Nature hits! This can be pretty much unpredictable. Businesses that don’t have a backup recovery plan can find it almost impossible to recover so how about resuming operation?! Did you know that an estimated 80% of companies that experience a business shortage for more than five days without recovery plans is subjected to be out of the game?

4. 24/7/365 Access

The consumer expects the information they want to access to be available whenever they feel like getting. This means that for instance if the business is facing infrastructure issues and cannot get up and running quickly will somehow force customers to switch to a competitor.

A 2007 University of Texas study displayed that 43% of companies that suffer major data loss never resumed for so long and many of these companies ended up closing doors for good within two years of a major data loss.

Let’s not always blame disasters. Human hands are very capable of destroying a business through silly mistakes. Simply backing up data and having an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place can help moderate these types of threats. You can be one of the surviving businesses if you think ahead.

With that all being said, Hybrid Solutions always advises clients to implement the backup service in different geographic areas to prevent possible data loss scenarios mentioned above. Despite the fact that the Back service costs a low fraction of a cost, it could be your savior and is the reason that returns your business on track when it is shifted because of data loss!