What you need to know about VertexFX

What you need to know about VertexFX
What you need to know about VertexFX trader

Finding a trading platform that fulfils all your needs and requirements without the need of third-parties or additional configurations is hard, not to mention the additional cost that comes with them.

Trading platforms which combine all the following characteristics of the VertexFX are rare, which makes the VertexFX trading platform one of the most significant and reliable in the online trading industry.

1- VertexFX platform server-side capabilities enable traders to run their strategies of automated trading and storing them on the same trading server without the need of third parties or additional costs.

2- VertexFX platform enables traders to close all/selected current market positions by just one-click, without the struggle of closing them one at a time, and missing the opportunity of catching the desired price of closure at a suitable time.

3- VertexFX trading platform allows traders to partially manage their positions by closing them on the market price, or by placing Take Profit or Stop Loss orders, without the need of closing the whole amount.

4- By one-click VertexFX platform allows traders to hedge all their positions or partially hedge selected positions.

5- VertexFX platform provides the tools for Physical Trading by giving traders the opportunity to trade on precious metals through their main account, with licensed providers.

6- VertexFX platform allows traders to trade Binary Options through their main accounts without the need for any third party or additional costs.

7- VertexFX platform Net trade tab provides traders with brief information for all opened positions combining each currency and the rate of opening prices with the ability to close the selected group by a single click.

8- VertexFX platform is equipped with a powerful charting system that enables Technical Analysts and traders to perform their studies easily with an advanced set of indicators that are included with the terminal, and directly trade from the chart or place entry or exit orders instantly.

9- VertexFX market watch is more organized now, each type of the symbols are categorized in a group like a tree, right-click to show and hide symbols from the market watch and find important details about the instruments.

10- VertexFX Backtester enables traders and technical analysts to simulate trading strategies over an appropriate period of time and analyze the results for certain levels of profitability and risk before traders perform them on real accounts.

11- VertexFX Social Trading allows traders to follow professional traders strategies. In addition, it gives professional traders the opportunity to provide their trades to their followers.

12- VertexFX e-Broker is suitable for money managers who wish to trade for multiple accounts (MAM or PAM) at the same time and price. Just list your accounts, then you will find one-click login for all accounts, three ways to distribute amounts, and then you are one click away to trade for all accounts.

13- VertexFX Mobile Trader is used to trade Forex, Stocks, bullion and commodities on the go. Use the VetrtexFX mobile application to connect to your trading account and get the latest prices and currency quotes, you can perform your technical analysis on financial markets using advanced charts, at any time you can perform trades, check the history of your trading account and request to pick up your bullion positions with ease.

VertexFX platform works on all types of devices through desktop platforms, web trader, and all smartphones, with the opportunity to send text messages when any pending order hits.

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