The Major problem faced by traders in the trading sector is the constant monitoring of trades. The dream of every trader is to place trades overnight and sleep soundly. Most traders don’t want to be pegged with the responsibility of constantly monitoring their trades. Fortunately, the advancement of technology has brought about software that takes away that burden. Nowadays, there is a lot of automated trading software used by traders. This automated trading software such as what can be done via Vertex trading language (VTL) has proven to be very useful and unique. In recent years most traders have adopted the automated trading style by using several robots and EA’s.


Auto trading is the process of performing trades using an automated trading system. This automated trading system is also known as algorithmic trading. It enables traders to create certain rules for both the entering and exit of a trade. These rules or parameters are programmed into the software and automatically executed by the software.

Most traders and investors use this automatic trading system to execute their trades. This system of trade is more effective than the manual type of trading. The best thing about this trading system is its ability to hold a trade overnight. Additionally, it takes away the emotional aspect of trades. That is, trades placed based on the trader’s art parameters are not changed or tampered with irrespective of the outcome of the market.


Setting up an automated trading account is one of the easiest aspects of trading. These trade parameters can be set up within minutes.

Create the trading parameters for your trading strategy and make it run. You will use your trading expertise to create parameters that need to be strictly followed by the trading robot. These parameters state the measures that must be met before a position can be opened on your behalf. These rules are based on the price of the trade, the time of the trade, the rate at which the trade should be opened or closed, and the volume of the trade. For instance, buy EUR/USD when its 50-day moving average crosses over the 200-day average.

The set parameters will continuously scrutinize and monitor the financial market rates, and the trades will automatically be placed if the set parameters are met. The main aim of using this automatic trading is to open positions faster and to utilize every trading opportunity the market shows.


Automatic trading comes with a lot of benefits. Listed below are the few reasons why most traders gravitate towards the method of trading.


This is one of the best benefits of trading with an automated system. An automated system works based on the set algorithms and parameters. This means the system is void of emotions and trades mainly on technical analysis incorporated by the trader. This means that trade decisions are kept precise and not influenced based on emotions. Even if the market moves favorably or not, the trade parameters remain the same.


Trading without emotion means more discipline. Trades are not influenced by emotions such as greed, and fear. The trades executed by the automated system are carried out based on the predetermined parameters set by the trader.


An automated system provides immediate trade execution. Execution of trades is done with just a click after all parameters have been set. Trades are executed immediately without any delay. Most manual trading platforms have delays when it comes to trade execution. This is because most traders find it difficult to make trade decisions or stick to one trading strategy.


Trading with a robot gives a trader the ability to trade different markets at a time. It does not require constant manual monitoring of the trades, thereby making it easy to have up to 3-5 open trades in the different markets.


VTL trading language is also known as VertexFX Trading Language. This is the main power behind the scripting language of VertexFX. This software was specifically designed to enable traders to build a refined trading program such as Auto Traders, Robots, Alerts, Expert Advisers (EA), and custom indicators. The programming language also serves Technical analysts and strategy makers.

The programming language offers a lot of advanced components. This makes it a next-level trading system for the new generation of the online trading system. This system is endorsed by user-friendly editors and it also has a free community forum that provides adequate establishment support for VTL.

VertexFX using the VTL trading language has made its mark in the trading world with its advanced features.

These features include:

The possession of 2 different modes, VTL Server and VTL Client.

1. VTL Server

The script of this program is hosted on the VertexFX Server of the broker. Scripts can easily be programmed on this server by using a  NET-like syntax with all the features including object-oriented programing functionality. Auto trades, EAs, and Robots scripts can all be programmed on the VTL server without the need to run any program on the Client Terminal. Hosting the scripts is absolutely free!

2. VTL Client

The Script is programmed at the Client Terminal using the VTL Editor and VB6-like language. Alerts, Expert Advisors, and Custom Indicators are developed using the VTL Client where the anticipated result is the GUI interface.

With The VTL trading language, you can easily build your desired software. VTL also ensures the script is void of errors by providing the VTL editor that endures an error-free script.


Automated trading systems are the next-level trading platforms used by various traders in the trading industry. The online trading industry is a competitive environment. This leads to the constant production of advanced online trading automated systems. These automated systems help traders execute trades quickly and ensure profitability. With VTL trading language you are given all the requirements needed to develop a script of your choice. It could be an Expert Adviser, a custom indicator, a trading robot, a strategy marker, an auto trader, and always. All these features and much more are provided in a VTL script.

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