VertexFX, well-trusted scalable trading platform.

Are you looking for a platform which is suitable for business needs today but will also grow as your dealing room expands? Then VetexFX, our award winning platform might just be the perfect solution for your growth plans.

We offer brokers, banks and market makers affordable and flexible packages which are upgradeable by simply paying the difference.

The VertexFX platform comes in a variety of packages fit for any business size and model. Each package can easily be upgraded, so as the business expands the platform can be cost effectively scaled up.

The packages available:

  • VertexFX Standard Edition 1: this is a small edition with 100 concurrent online users and is ideal for new or small dealing rooms.
  • VertexFX Standard Edition 2: this is for businesses with a medium scale and has approximately 200 concurrent users.
  • VertexFX Enterprise Edition: this is useful for those who want unlimited access to concurrent users.
  • VertexFX Enterprise Edition Plus: for Banks, Exchanges & LPs, with unlimited online users


The platform provides robust multi-level management. With the Vertex Bridge Language brokers have the power to control their client’s parameters, and risk management by coding a strategy. Brokers are also able to connect with others for true turn-key solutions.

It also features advanced trading processes with a fast and friendly user interface, it provides features such as:

  • One click trading: with all trading options on a one screen system where traders can easily buy and sell.
  • Alert notifications: allows traders to receive updates regarding the changes in the market or prices.
  • Vertex Trading Language: offer advanced auto trading capabilities.
  • Charts: to help traders identify the fluctuations, trends and changes in prices.
  • Forex News: allows you to keep up to date with all the changes in the forex market.

Additionally, VertexFX also offers brokers the opportunity to shop for a variety of front-end and back-end plugins, apps and solutions directly with authorised ISVs using VertexFX Client API on the vStore, whilst also being able to brand and sell their own solutions.

So at a time when others are increasing their fees or directing your business to adopt inappropriate solutions, give us a call and we’ll provide you with the platform you want. One that fits your current needs and most importantly your business aspirations.