Software Update

Yes – It is showing again! The little software update box that recommends you to update the software to a newer version has appeared!

Sometimes you feel like it begs you to take an action whether to remind you later or to start the update process.

What are software updates?

A software update, also known as a Patch or a Service Pack, is a piece of software released by software vendors, mainly to introduce new features.

Software updates occasionally contain bug fixes and product enhancement. These updates are installed over the current installation and do not require uninstallation or reinstallation of the software in question.

In simple words, when you need to update a program, you don’t need to do anything other than letting the updater do the required.

Software Update vs. Software Upgrade

The term software update is often confused with the term software upgrade. Though both the terms sound similar, there is a huge difference.

A software update updates your existing version of the program to the current version but does not upgrade it to the next major version.

For example, when you install Service Pack 1 on your Windows 7 computer, you are actually updating your Windows 7 computer with Windows 7 Service Pack 1; taking the major move of transferring from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is called an upgrade.

But behind the update button click scene, there is a lot of work. It is not as simple as clicking on the update button. This magic click provides you a better functionality.

Developers work hard on providing the best user experience for the end-user. Spending a lot of time thinking and writing codes which could be hundreds and thousands of lines. All of this work could be for a low fraction of cost despite how big the vendor is.

The software update will provide new features and speed enhancements. For example, recent updates to Joomla 3.7 have improved the functionality of the CMS.

It also added the feature of custom fields in articles and other areas of the CMS, New media manager was introduced, and the new release featured router improvements.

The end of a software era

Because technology is running faster than what we could think of, a software may come to an end of support. What’s a better example than the legendary Windows XP? Perhaps every PC user on planet earth has used or heard of Windows XP.

The operating system sales were so big than what Microsoft expected for the fact that the operating system introduced features that were considered revolutionary among previous operating systems that Microsoft introduced before.

However, the operating system support came to an end, and once Microsoft officially announced the end of supporting Windows XP, the web drown with the announcement!

Despite the fact that Microsoft showed ways to upgrade to a new version of Windows; some people were asking the following – “How to survive the end of support of Windows XP?”

No matter how legendary software is, there has to be time to move on a new version that is best for customers.

At last, maintaining the health of your business is crucial and it’s as simple as pressing “update”. Don’t you think that it deserves the click?

Hybrid Solutions continues developing

Hybrid Solutions always recommends their customers to subscribe to their updates service.

The development team continues to enhance your favorite platform and the hardest work will be done; And at a low fraction of cost, customers will remain up-to-date with the latest technologies to make the online trading AWESOME