Improve Your Trading Business Using VertexFX Marketplace vStore

VertexFX Marketplace vStore

We are continuously looking for ways to improve the VertexFX platform for dealing rooms and traders alike.

That’s why we offer our vStore, a sophisticated showroom of hundreds of plugins and apps – many of them free – to highlight unique ideas and customize the VertexFX trading platform so it more effectively meets the needs of brokers and traders.

Our APIs are equipped with the same interface as most of the platform’s features, which makes it easy to build a new custom application.

Via the vStore, brokers and traders can access advanced plugins such as trading scripts, feed adapters, web and mobile applications, or risk management software. Brokers can also commission developers to produce more bespoke APIs.

And, for developers it’s the ideal marketplace to promote and sell plugins – once developed simply name it, describe its function, and upload it to the vStore.

Watch how to Improve Your Trading Business Using VertexFX Marketplace vStore