Go Mobile


Shall we go mobile?

People have been arguing in the past couple of years about if PCs and laptops are actually dead. Shall we go mobile?

What about my PC or Laptop?

While many of people argue about that there will always be a space for a bigger screen, a physical keyboard, and a faster processor, we cannot deny that people spend a lot of time on their smartphones.

You may think that your PC or laptop is your pride and your smartphone cannot replace it but ask yourself this question, is that true?

We’ll take the laptops for the comparison with smartphones since it almost has the same PCs functionality but has the advantage to be taken on the move.

So for now, let’s take a look at some of the facts that your smartphone could replace a laptop or at least steals up to 80% of the laptop usage.


Your smartphone has a lot of in device storage if we compare it to modern laptops. If we take Ultrabooks as a reference, they have 128 GB SSD storage, why carrying a laptop when you can have the same storage with a smaller and a lighter sized device?

Remember, we did not mention cloud storages.

Giant screens

While laptops get smaller screens (Have a look at Ultrabook), smartphone screens are getting bigger. Did you check the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for instance? The device has a 5.7-inch screen, which is particularly near a laptop size screen.

Fits, indeed

People started buying smaller laptops a few years back. They want to have their laptops yet not heavy (i.e MacBook Air / 11 inches). But not only your smartphone’s weighs less than a laptop, it fits into almost every purse or pocket size.(almost) every purse!

You can connect a keyboard

One of the main arguments about laptops and smartphones was the keyboard. The argument is almost dead for the fact that there are plenty of keyboards that can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s got a touchscreen!

Yet, there is a great thing came to the scene that laptops these days have touchscreens but yes your smartphone has this for a very long time.

It’s with you all the time

Maybe you may not think that your smartphone has replaced your laptop, but in the case of shooting a quick email or search for something on the web, are you going to pull out the laptop and search? What if a great business opportunity is flying? Are you going to pull out the laptop?

Great apps are mobile

Yes, that is true. Almost whatever you can think of is now available to install on your smartphone. We’re not saying all but at least all the cool apps and games are now mobile.

It is true that playing games on a laptop or a PC cannot be replaced with a smartphone game version but still not all of the people buy computers to play games.
You’re always available and connected

When you find a spot stay, you might want to check your email. With your laptop, you are going to look for an Internet source while with your smartphone, you’re always connected. You always have the Internet.

Considering data limits make a little bit hard but having a limited Internet better than not having at all.

Since almost all business apps and platforms are available on mobile, the people started to shift towards smartphones. Related to this fact, online trading doesn’t have a particular time or place to catch a profit.

Hybrid Solutions considered this and provided great solutions to trade online anywhere and at any time without the need have your laptop with you.

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